What companies do you write insurance with?

We are currently writing our main lines of business with Western Reserve Group, Progressive Insurance Company, Foremost Insurance Group, and Celina Insurance Group. For specialty coverage, we do have additional companies that we can place coverage with as well.

Why did my rate change?

Insurance rates are based on many factors such as loss history, insurance score, amount of coverage, type of coverage, etc. Insurance companies periodically will revise rates based on their past experiences. The rate revision can be an increase or decrease as to the insurance companies projected future loss calculations.

Who regulates what insurance companies charge?

In the state of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Insurance is the regulating party who reviews policy information as well as the rates each insurance company charges. Each insurance company has to file how they calculate the customer’s rates. After filing the rates, the insurance company is not allowed to deviate from the rates that have been filed. For more information about the Ohio Department of Insurance, visit their website. (

Can I make a payment at your office?

Yes, we can accept payments at our office. We can accept cash, check, and credit card payments. As with the credit card payments, many of our insurance companies will allow us to make a credit card payment, but some of them add a processing fee.

When is your office open for business?

Our normal business hours are:

Monday thru Friday:9:00 am - 12 noon & 2:00 – 5:00 pm EST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

**Please note: Our hours are subject to change for holidays and other events. **

We can insure your:

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    Automobile insurance is about protecting you financially in the case of an accident. It is to provide you coverage for bodily injury and property damage to both you and the other party.

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    Homeowner insurance is about giving you peace of mind prior to the possibility of a loss to your property. Things happen and that is just life. By insuring your home, you can financially protect your largest asset.

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    Each business varies from one to the next as to their unique insurance related exposures. Whether it be an individual contractor to a large corporation. Let us help to assess what risks you may have.

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